Covid Hygiene Concept


This covid hygiene concept is meant to protect our staff and guests. It is based on the „Rahmenkonzept für die Hygiene in Beherbergungsbetrieben“ written and published by the Bavarian ministers of Health, Care, Economics, Development and Energy. Other sources considered in our concept are the recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institute as well as the German tourism association.

Health of our employees
Employees with unspecific symptoms or respiratory symptoms of any kind have been advised to stay off work as long as needed. If any symptoms occur during work the CEO has to be informed immediately. The person in charge will take care of a co-worker who can fill in as well as inform the people who might have been in contact with the significant person. For all our employees we provide gloves, masks and disinfection. In order to maintain regular hand washing we provide sinks, hand soap and paper towels for everyone. Our storage has been updated in order to meet the covid-19 regulations enforced by the government, including our cleaning- and disinfection supplies, machines and laundry. All employees have been asked to test for covid-19 at least 1 - 2 times per week. The Treeride GmbH provides the necessary covid-tests.

Cleaning of the Apartments

Our cleaning staff is working according to the Treeride GmbH’s cleaning schedule. We only clean the apartments when guests are not present. Our cleaning staff is wearing protective gloves and everyone disinfects their hands before work. Before the cleaning process starts our employees open all the windows for 15 minutes. The protective gloves are being changed in between cleaning different apartments. Private clothing that has been worn during work is treated and washed separately from other laundry. During the cleaning process the main focus lies on surfaces (like door handles, desks, light switches etc), special attention is also being placed at the bathroom as well as objects that are touched regularly (coffee machine, tea kettle, fridge etc). Objects that are not being cleaned every time are being put outside to air out (like pillows or carpets). If a disinfection of specific surfaces is needed lies in the responsibility of the cleaning person and is based on the contamination of said surface with for example respiratory secretions. This is being decided according to the recommendations of the Robert-Koch-Institut. Every object in our apartments that is regularly being used by different people (pens, pillows, blankets etc) exists manifold in our storage and is being exchanged regularly. Used laundry and other objects that need cleaning or washing are being handled with care, separated from everything else and washed at at least 60 degrees with disinfective bleach.

Cleaning of the Whirlpools
The whole pool is being drained and the water refilled after every change of guests. During the change the pool is being cleaned and disinfected properly. Because of our adding disinfection and different light chemicals we prevent any viruses from spreading.

During Guest Welcoming
The employees who are responsible for the welcoming of our guests wear face masks and keep a distance of 1,5 meters to other people. During the guest welcoming and demonstrating of the function of our tree houses, the employees stay on the terrace to be able to keep a safe distance for everyone. Thanks to our curtains on the terrace this is possible during any weather condition. The guest welcoming is being kept as short as possible. Money that still needs to be paid is asked to be sent via bank transfer, not cash.

In the apartments
We provide hand sanitation for our guests in the apartments. We advise our guests to get rid of used tissues, masks or protective gloves in extra plastic bags in our general trash. Until now there has not been any evidence of being infected with covid-19 via eating „contaminated“ groceries or touching „contaminated“ objects. We also inform our guests to wash their dishes in the dish washers at at least 60 degrees. The permanent air conditioning provides fresh air in every apartment and prevent a high aerosol concentration. The same is true for our terraces: Due to their excellent location and the adjustable curtains it can be used during every kind of weather. The gates that lead to each of the apartments as well as the physical space between the different tree houses minimizes the risk of infection – from other guests as well as from passengers. Due to our being informed via remote control about everything regarding the fire alarms, electricity, Wifi and phone service, personal maintenance of said systems is not necessary and the physical contact is being reduced to a minimum. Any servicing can be done at times when no guests are actually in the apartments.

Our Covid Hygiene Concept is visible at our homepage. Every single employee has been advised according to it and at all times there is an extra copy of our concept available at the work place.