Working in a young start-up where other people go on vacation. We are currently searching for full- and part time workers for our five tree houses in Missen-Wilhams/Wiederhofen.

We offer a flexible and well-paid workplace in a dynamic, creative family business.

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Working student or apprentice


Facility Cleaners

Whirlpool Inspector

Breakfast Service



TREERIDE GmbH / 083209259532 /  Aron Holterman ten Hove




is the founder and the creative brain behind the BAUMCHALETS. If there appears to be a problem he will solve it and is never afraid to get his hands dirty and work with everyone else in the team. That’s why you can often find him at the chalets – planting a tree or cleaning a pool. He’s also responsible for the marketing. Aron is always open for new ideas on how to make the BAUMCHALETS an even better vacation experience. After having travelled quite a lot for his job as a snowboard professional, he returned to his old home and realised a life-long dream.


will always have an answer to your questions or knows where to get one. She is one of the lovely voices speaking with you on the phone and managing your bookings. She is responsible for the work schedules of the entire team and manages everything that’s going on in the office. Before joining the BAUMCHALETS she already worked for different managers with different businesses and therefore always has ideas on how to improve things. Her home office is so close that she can almost look at the chalets.


is our clever number-lady. Not even the tiniest invoice will slip through her fingers, for she once had her own business and knows exactly how to handle the accounting. For us she always asks the right critical questions to get things done and improve our organisation. When she is not working for the BAUMCHALETS she helps her daughters on their farms or takes up apron and spoon and cooks for the entire family. With her big heart she is an important support for our team.


is not only one of the nice people who delivers your breakfast in the morning but he is also our gardening magician who places the most colourful, lovely plants and flowers around the BAUMCHALETS. As a professional garden designer who insists on ecological gardening, he makes our flowers bloom and our eyes shine. Even though he grew up in Amsterdam, he chose the Allgäu as his new home and supports his son’s dream with helping wherever needed.


is in charge of selecting the team. She has a PHD in psychology and manages the hiring – the working atmosphere and great energy of our team show on a daily basis how well she’s doing her job. She has known the chalets even before they existed and helped her husband Aron to get through the many highs and lows of the founding process. As the representative CEO of the BAUMCHALETS she knows every detail about our houses. She actually picked out a lot of the extraordinary interior design elements.


makes everyone and everything smile. She helps cleaning the houses, does the laundry and recognises every tiny detail that might not be perfect yet. She is not only our good spirit but also our official housekeeper: She welcomes the guests and shows them around the place. In a nutshell: She is there to make every vacation even more special, for our human guests as well as for their beloved animals. When time is short you can spot her on her E-Scooter going from one house to another.


is another important part of our office team: She handles our mail and manages the bookings. When other team members aren’t available she doesn’t hesitate to jump in and help out. Gabriele worked as an editor before and that’s why the guest communication is one of her many talents; you might speak to her on the phone and find out that she is always happy to help. In her free time she’s almost always outdoors, either in her amazing garden or on the hills and in the forest.


has been with us since 2021. After she finished a bachelor’s degree in Journalism she worked at the BAUMCHALETS for almost a year, with office duties, cleaning, breakfast service and everything that needed to be done around our chalets. After travelling and working remotely for us, she is now studying her master’s degree and supporting our team in the back office.


is an artist with body and soul. He was born in glamorous Munich but moved to the Allgäu together with his wife. If he’s not working on his art projects like musical cattle-studies, carpentering or building a snow-cinema, he helps out at the BAUMCHALETS. Jonas supports our team with cleaning, checking on the whirlpools, breakfast service and general maintenance.


grew up in Leutkirch, quite close to where the BAUMCHALETS are located. She left the Allgäu to study and worked as an art therapist as well as an art teacher in Konstanz. She loves spending time with her lovely daughter, gardening or working on her art. Since 2021 Isa has been a part of our office team. She speaks with guests on the phone, answers all the e-mails and helps managing the bookings.


is our newest team member. He helps with breakfast service and sometimes with cleaning the houses and pools. He grew up in Hungary and first came to the Allgäu when he was 16. He completed an internship in Kempten and afterwards went back to Hungary to become a chef. Two days after completing his apprenticeship in Hungary he was already on the road again: Back to Germany, this time for good. He loves exploring the Allgäu, either on his motor bike or on a mountain bike. This love has lasted for eight years now. If you want to taste his excellent cooking, you can do so in the restaurant and brewery BernardiBräu in Rettenberg where he serves hearty meals and complementing beers.


found her way to the BAUMCHALETS through her sister Lihué who worked with us for over a year. Just like her sister, Mailen was born and raised in Argentina. She helps us with cleaning the houses and supports the team with general maintenance. Mailen has a lovely daughter and worked as a baker for the last few years. If you want to try some homemade Argentinian cake, just ask her. Maybe you are lucky.


came from Hungary to Germany for work with her partner Máté. She works in the kitchen of our local brewery in Missen – Schäffler Bräu – and works with us part-time. You can sport her delivering your amazing breakfast in the mornings or sometimes cleaning the BAUMCHALETS and jacuzzis. In her freetime she loves to read, draw or take photos or ride her motor bike around our curvy Allgäu streets.


lives in Hopfen and works at the herbal café Artemisia. She helps us out in the office and with creative tasks like photography and if needed she supports the team with cleaning and arranging our houses for the guests. Anna is the friendly person who welcomes guests at the weekends and shows them around their BAUMCHALETS. She studied a bachelor's degree in literature, art and media and loves to be close to the mountains – either with climbing, hiking or travelling. 


once was Mailen's neighbour when they were living in beautiful Argentina. Through her former neighbour she came to the BAUMCHALETS as well and has been supporting us since the autumn of 2023. Valeria is mainly helping out our cleaning team, preparing the houses for our guests and also assisting the pool staff and breakfast service. She is a professionally trained yoga intructor – if you have any questions regarding this amazing sport, don't hesitate to ask her, in English or Spanish.